The demise of Natron, how we got here, and where we go further
by Alexandre Prokoudine

Natron, free/libre VFX compositing software, has been in serious trouble for at least the past year.

The complete story of Paris-8 university going for Krita, Blender, Natron
by Alexandre Prokoudine

In an exclusive in-depth interview, François Grassard talks about integration of Krita, Blender, Natron into the program of Paris-8 university.

Natron 1.0 brings free VFX compositing to Linux, Windows, Mac users
by Alexandre Prokoudine

The great free/libre VFX compositing curse might as well be over: Natron v1.0 has just been released and features more stable core, better UI, and a handful of new nodes.

Natron 0.92 released with new roto and keying nodes
by Alexandre Prokoudine

When it comes to compositing, there are, in fact, more options than Blender, Synfig, and ButtleOFX.

Ramen 0.5 released
by Alexandre Prokoudine

New version (and the first one with source code tarball) of Ramen, free node-based composer, is out.

First steps with Ramen
by Ildar Akhmetgaleev

There is less than a handful of free compositing tools around, and Ramen sounds like a very promising project. In this tutorial we introduce you to basics of using it.

Sony Imageworks releases source code of 5 in-house projects
by Alexandre Prokoudine

Sony ImageWorks have released five of their in-house tools as open source software