Ramen 0.5 released

New version (and the first one with source code tarball) of Ramen, free node-based composer, is out.

Not many changes since our review + tutorial published a couple of weeks ago, but the whole set of features re previous version is quite impressive:

  • over a dozen of new nodes:
    • clamp colors and clamp blacks,
    • median filter,
    • noise,
    • bloom (ported from pbrt),
    • pfstmo tonemapping operators,
    • corner pin,
    • add-mix,
    • pde blur (ported from CImg),
    • alpha levels,
    • flip,
    • key_mix;
  • improved existing nodes:
    • Roto node (rotoscoping) was renamed to QShape and significantly improved;
    • mask input for color correction node;
    • opacity param foor layer node;
  • a new fully commented example node for potential new (3rd party) developers;
  • undo/redo for node params was implemented;
  • GradientShop support and six nodes based on it;
  • experimental support for OFX which makes it possible to use effects created for tools like Nuke, Combustion etc.;
  • single-window user interface, preferences dialog;
  • animation editor was improved, e.g. animation curves can have linear, constant and repeat extrapolation now;
  • a number of internal changes, including improvements in caching images;
  • Cineon file format is supported now;
  • lots of bugfixes, including those revealed while writing that very same review + tutorial :)