Where you can donate

Recurring donations to Libre Arts are currently only possible by subscribing on Patreon.

You can send one-off donations at Buy Me a Coffee.

Thank you for considering support for this project!

Why I ask for donations

Conducting insightful interviews and writing in-depth articles takes a lot of time.

Every interview involves researching the subject, interviewing a person, sometimes transcribing audio, then editing the text.

Every weekly recap means I grab the latest snapshot of most software projects I write about, actually look at the changes, sometimes ask questions to developers and report bugs, then write down all I figured out and make sensible screenshots. I also watch new tutorials and go through dozens of recent artworks made with free software to pick the best ones.

Hence making this project sustainable involves financial support one way or another. I rely on the free software community to fund this work.

How I use your donations

The money covers hosting and domain name ownership expenses, website maintenance, as well as the cost of in-depth articles production (research, writing, preparing illustrations etc.).

A significant part of all donations goes back to the FOSS community. If you feel like supporting software projects directly instead, I particularly recommend Ardour (one-time donations or subscriptions), Olive, Blender Foundation, Krita, and GIMP.

Better yet, please consider donating to a trustworthy charity of your choice instead. Not all wrongs can be righted with money, but helping people in need often requires funding.