Krita / MyPaint / GIMP The art of Yaroslav Chyzhevskyi

It’s common for artists to stick with just one 2D painting app for most work, but Yaroslav Chyzhevskyi likes using it all: both Krita, MyPaint, and GIMP.

Yaroslav comes from a town of Vinnytsya in Ukraine, where he got classical training in painting before going digital for some of his work (he still does “analog” painting on canvas professionally).

River landscape, GIMP

And his stream on ArtStation indeed features works made with all three major painting applications on Linux (he uses Linux Mint, by the way).

Rural landscape, Krita

One interesting thing is that he makes enough tiny details when using MyPaint — a program traditionally associated with speed painting.

River, MyPaint

However, at some point in our conversation in the past, he admitted that GIMP’s MyPaint Brush was his ideal tool:

The main advantage of the program is the interface. I can do work of any complexity there.

Trees, GIMP

As you can see, the majority of Yaroslav’s paintings online are sea-pieces and rural landscape.

Fisherman boat, Krita

Check out more of Yaroslav’s work on ArtStation!