Krita The art of Sylvia Ritter

Earlier users of Krita may recall an interview with Sylvia Ritter published on in 2014. Since then, Sylvia completed an impressive amount of beautiful paintings made with Krita, so it’s time to revisit!

We spoke to Sylvia and asked, how much has changed since that original interview by Irina Rempt.

One major new project is a series of paintings inspired by the Ubuntu release names. So far, Sylvia has completed 29 artworks from “Warty Warthog” (4.10) to the current release “Cosmic Cuttlefish” (18.10).

Yakkety Yak

Another ongoing project is an animal-themed set of Tarot cards.

Tarot cards, The Sun

Sylvia has already completed the Major Arcana cards.

Tarot cards, The Moon

Currently, she is working on the Minor Arcana cards to create a full deck.

Tarot cards, Seven of Wands

In 2017, she did a ‘Wakeful Wolf’ tattoo commission and then launched a successful campaign on Indiegogo to produce a hoodie with this design.

Tarot cards, Wakeful Wolf

Sylvia also continues making commissioned art for festivals, musicians, labels, authors, publishers, and game companies.

Cosmic Carpool

…and explores various concepts:

Ancient ruins

Some of her artworks were featured in “Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art”, the “Made with Krita 2016”, the ImagineFX magazine, the Linux Format magazine, and Scott Petrovic’s book “Digital Painting with KRITA 2.9”.

The Grand Koi Hotel

The Grand Koi Hotel paintings above, in particular, was featured in the Fresh Paint section of ImagineFX’s issue 117, 2014.

But maybe one of the most challenging projects is NOWHERE, an indie game that she’s been working on with her husband, Leonard Ritter. It’s an alien life simulator, for which Leonard is currently building a procedural open source engine Tukan.

NOWHERE is focused on social artifical intelligence, trading, exploring, cultivating, making friendships, and maintaining peace.

You can follow Sylvia’s art stream on multiple platforms, depending on which one you like best: ArtStation, DeviantArt, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Etsy, and probably something else we forgot.