Krita / Blender Halloween art 2021

Over the past week, I’ve seen quite a few nice Halloween-themed artworks made with free/libre software. Here are my personal picks of the ones made with Blender and Krita.

Oh, and let’s have none of this “sexy witch” nonsense. Macabre is fine though somehow :)

Happy Halloween from Dennys J M Pinheda, Krita:

Crows, by mikak, Krita:

Happy Halloween by huleeb, Blender:

Pumpkin’s Trick or Treat by Thornydre, Blender:

’”Sick hat, Bro,” said the man in a tree.’ by yagrum, Blender:

Bonus part, a speedpainting video of that:

I like a lot what Metin Seven does, but his things with teeth are absolute best, this zombie head in particular!

Possessed Pumpkins by Steffen Hartmann, Blender:

Haunted house by GurjasStudios, Blender:

I nearly posted a still version of this, but the animation is so much more fun!

And this one is good too, can’t help myself feeling bad for the poor sod there limping away from the creature.

Somehow, this witch’s cottage by Liam Reagan is spooky realistic. Blender.

And because everything ends well when deevad is involved, here is Trick or treat! by David Revoy, Krita:

Featured image of the post is Pumpkin warlock by Asya Reshetnikova, Blender.