Synfig Studio gets advanced outline features, revisits Inkscape compatibility

Genete of Synfig Studio team has just posted a short video clip that summarizes recent work of the team to get more advanced outline features into this excellent free 2D animation editor.

So here is a recap: variable spline width, user defined caps, outline segmens and fully configurable dash patterns. Needless to say, everything is animatable.

We don’t know of any time-wise roadmaps, but if you are a brave Linux user, that shouldn’t prevent your from building Synfig and having a go at the new features anyway.

By the way, Nikita Kitaev is currently working on SIF exporter for Inkscape which, he hopes, will eventually replace existing SVG importer in Synfig. You can get the Inkscape extension from Github. The discussion is taking place at Synfig’s forum.