Synfig Studio gets advanced outlines and pressure support in the Draw tool

Developers of Synfig Studio, a free 2D vector animation app, released an update to the current stable version that fixes bugs and adds several new features.

The most exciting new thing is support for creating advanced outlines with the Draw tool (the vector-based pencil). When you draw lines with a tablet’s stylus, Synfig will take pen pressure into consideration. Here is a demo from developers.

Rendering of advanced outlines was improved quite a lot. Even with the “Fast” option disabled it’s 55% faster, and enabling it provides an additional 10% boost.

There are also less significant changes such as being able to remove several vertices of a curve at once.

The team hasn’t updated download links on the website yet, but here goes:

A build for Mac isn’t ready yet.

Greek users will find a localization finally available for this language (i18n is not supported on Windows yet). If you wish to contribute translation of user interface into any language, please note that since 0.63.02 the translations are being updated via Transifex.