Blender Wybren van Keulen introduces Epoque, unique hand made chair designed in Blender

While many people never go beyond modeling furniture in 3D, he actually ended up producing Époque — extremely real chairs, now available for sale. And he used Blender for all the modeling.

Epoque chairs

As you can see the design blends modern materials with old style and proportions to create a quite unique product. The material is fiberglass reinforced resin, the chair has a high gloss finish. Every chair is hand made and requires ca. 5 hours of delicate preparation, laminating and finishing.

Glossy finish close-up

Wybren came to this project with 10 years of experience in architecture visualization. The project involved intermediate 3D prints for reality and ergonomics check.

When asked about reasons to choose Blender over other tools Wybren replied: “I chose Blender for speed and flexibility. Blender’s subdivision surfaces are perfect for the job. Way more flexible than a nurbs surface modeler.”

You can find more information about the project at the project’s page.