First public version of CMYKTool released

The great and almighty Alastair M. Robinson released first public version of its new CMYKTool application that is basically rework of his old CMYK separate plug-in for GIMP.

Key features are:

  • both RGB and CMYK in the input and the output, conversion via ICC  profiles;
  • pure black or pure grey preservation or overprint effect emulation during RGB to CMYK conversion;
  • ability to compare several images, you can also lock views to sync navigation and zoom (right mouse button toggles between 1:1 and fit to window);
  • ability to view separate channels;
  • saves JPEG, TIFF (8- and 16-bit) with embedded ICC profiles or without them.

Here is what it looks like:


In the future pieces of ImgTarget will be sewn to CMYKTool. You can download it here.