GNOME Color Manager 2.29.4 released

Richard Hughes released new version of GNOME Color Manager — a bundle of color management tools for GNOME.

Changes this time:

  • basic implementation of printers profiling with ArgyllCMS and GtkPrint;
  • which is why printers are detected by talking to CUPS now;
  • you can now create virtual devices (e.g. printer from your fav photolab);
  • support for target other than IT8 and display of small images of a chose target for reference;
  • reading Exif from TIFF files that contain scans or snapshots of reflective targets;
  • projectors are properly supported now;
  • G-C-M now conforms to xicc 0.3 cpec;
  • ColorMunki support was fixed;
  • when interaction woith user is required, a sound is played via libcanberra (small new dependency);
  • if a wrong ICC profile was chosen for a device (e.g. AdobeRGB for a display), an info bar will be displayed below;
  • various bugs fixed;
  • documentation was improved;
  • translations were updated.