GNOME Color Manager 2.29.3 released with configuration of default color spaces

A new version of GNOME Color Manager is out as usual on first Monday of a month.


  • configuration of default color spaces and softproofing is activated;
  • metadata summary displays whether a profile has a 'vcgt' tag (i.e. whether it color-corrects videoadapter and the output);
  • filtering of RGB/CMYK profiles in comboboxes where appropriate;
  • a new DBus method GetProfileForWindow which returns a profile for given XID;
  • new tooltips in configuration dialog;
  • a new "Other profile" entry in comboboxes to easily import a profile to use with a device;
  • a new GConf variable that defines time spent on device characterization;
  • updated user interface translations;
  • bugfixes.

Richard is planning to take care of charatecization of printers next, so he would be glad for measurement devices given him for testing.

You can download source code. If you don't know much about GCM yet, you can read a preliminary review.