Hugin 0.8 released

New version of the popular free/libre panorama stitcher Hugin is out.

Changes in this version:

  • new interactive hardware accelerated panorama preview dialog, with interactive cropping, panning and warping (GSoC'08 project);
  • new Celeste engine to find and delete control points that are placed on clouds, which is useful when shooting static objects (GSoC'08 project);
  • a number of new input/output projections, including Panini, which resurrects the old tehcnique used by Veduta artitsts;
  • GUI for batch stitching (GSoC'08 project);
  • updated user manual, Italian translation of the user manual;
  • updated GUI translation, new Slovenian and Traditional Chinese translations;
  • fixed bugs, added less visible improvements.

Windows and Mac builds are to folllow, source code is available.