Libre Music Production project launched

Libre Music Production is collaboration between Staffan Melin, Gabriel Nordeborn, and Conor McCormack. Essentially, it’s a project by musicians for musicians.

The new project is a long missing link between experienced Linux audio users and newbies who want hands-on information about libre tools for making music. It focuses on delivering both workflow explanations and detailed tutorials, with an outlook to post relevant news to keep users in the loop regarding software updates.

The quality of materials that have already been published is rather impressive. E.g. Paul Davis, original developer of JACK and lead developer of Ardour (free/libre DAW) already called the introduction to JACK probably the best material on the topic currently available online.

Gabriel Nordeborn, who has released several albums made mostly with libre software, is currently considering to move his existing publications (tutorials and short interviews with developers and users) from over to Libre Music Production.

For Staffan Melin this is the second project of this kind. In 2012, he launched Libre Graphics Production with a similar goal — to document a recommended desktop publishing workflow involving Scribus, GIMP, and Inkscape.