Blender Best commercials created with Blender in 2012

Some people are wondering, where the finished work with Blender is. Libre Graphics World cooked up a list of 7 best commercials created with Blender in 2012.

We picked ads created in different styles: motion graphics, cartoons, live action etc.

Ad campaign for Hugo Boss store in London

Schokolade Filmproduktion created this commissioned video for the new Hugo Boss flagship store in London. Blender was used to create the fluid and ocean simulations.

The studio created another video with Blender for the same client.

Iceland Express ad campaign

Miðstræti, a studio from Iceland, created a new series of commercials for Iceland Express — an airline company they’ve been working since 2011 or so. Here’s one of them.

You can watch a dozen of other videos from this ad campaign (mostly from 2011) rolled into one on Vimeo. And if you are really curious, there’s a podcast with the studio’s animator, Hjalti Hjálmarsson, on Process Diary.

Personal Financial Manager commercial

Juan Carlos Montes of MoxStudios created this commercial on Personal Financial Manager for Banco Popular. All the modeling, animation and rendering was done with Blender.

Original rendering was created with Blender Internal. The one above is a later version rendered with Cycles.

Frutmotive soda commercial

Earlier this year ARt DDs created a new commercial for “Frutmotive”, a Russian soda drink. They still use Adobe After Effects for compositing. However in a personal conversation Alexander Zubkov revealed that the team is currently testing Blender for compositing in another project. He says, basically, it’s all down to having a well tested workflow.

You can also watch “the making of” video.

By the way, the team recently updated their Volume and Mass Calc script to work with BMesh. Here is direct download link.

Goldfish Man ad

The “Goldfish Man” commercial was created by Richard Lyons for a chain of electronics stores in Sweden.

All modelling, rigging animation was done in Blender. Rendering was made with Blender Internal. You can read more details on Blendernation. commercial

This commercial played on the client’s website was created entirely with Blender: both CGI, compositing and post production. The work was done by Fab design team.

IBS Study Tour 2012 ad

Guillermo Espertino created a commercial for IBS, a Spanish candy factory, together with Juan Pablo Bouza, David Teres, Michael Berhanu and Adriano Oliveira.

Guillermo’s style is quite distinctive: he relies on animation of bitmap and vector graphics created with GIMP and Inkscape, and uses a similar vivid color palette throughout most commercials he makes.