Recast & Detour project getting ready for Blender 2.60

Last year’s GSoC project to integrate recast & detour library as well as Project Cane into Blender is finally about to settle in the main development branch and become available in Blender 2.60. This project is now added as 2.60 target.

The point of integrating both libraries is that they provide ways for moving objects to deal with obstacles. Recast & Detour focuses on path-finding via navigation meshes, while Project Cane deals with obstacle avoidance. This is a great addition to Blender Game Engine (BGE).

Here is a demo of pathfinding over complex terrain created by moerdn and posted in forum about a year ago:

More information on the project is available here. The work was done by Benoit Bolsee and Dalai Felinto, and both libraries were written by Mikko Monone.