Blender Blender 2.59 is out with 3D Connexion Navigator support

Blender Foundation has just released a new stable version of, well, Blender. Apart from 140 features the new released has some new features and addons.

This version finally includes support for 3D Connexion Navigator — an advanced input device. The work was done in 2010 as a Google Summer of Code project. The guys at 3D Connexion have already published a press-release on that.

The other new feature is redesign of keymapping. Now instead of overwriting the whole shortcut scheme only changes are stored. So when the scheme is updated “upstream” in a new version of Blender, you get all the changes except what you customized.

There is a number of addons in this version as well: Ivy Generator, Sapling (parametric trees generator), Grease Scatter.

Additionally a bunch of changes have landed to Node/Compositing editor. Check out the complete log of changes for more information and download the new version.