Blender Blender 2.58 released with fixes and small new features

Another stable version of Blender was released last night. This popular free 3D modeling and animation package got heaps of fixes and improvements of existing feature set once again.

Since 2.57 severals hundreds of bugs were fixed. Apart from that main imrpovements are:

  • new Warp modifier to warp parts of a mesh to a new location in a very flexible way by using 2 objects;
  • baking of multi-resolution models uses much less memory than before now;
  • constructive modifiers can be temporarily disabled during sculpting to improve accuracy;
  • Mesh Inset add-on was added to inset individual faces or a selected region;
  • camera now has composition guides: center, thirds, golden rule, harmonious triangle;
  • viewport and game engine got anisotropic filtering.

Full list of changes is in the project’s wiki. You can download the application from the usual page. Next version of Blender is expected in 6-8 weeks and will probably be the last in 2.5 series of releases.