Beta version of Ocean Sim for Blender is now available

Several days ago a beta version of Ocean Simulator for Blender was released after months and months of making users drool all over demos. The website was almost immediately slashdotted, but now it’s back and we feel justified to link to it :)

The Ocean Simulator does exactly what one can imagine: it helps creating realistic 3D ocean waves. Here is one of the most recent demos created by Matt Ebb:

The simulator has two components:

  1. Ocean Modifier that generates mesh wave displacement and foam mask, as well a bakes per-frame textures for displacement, foam mask and normal data.
  2. Ocean Texture creation tool which can use foam mask data for texturing of wave peaks.

Some initial information is provided in Blender wiki. Builds of patched Blender 2.5 for Linux, Windows and Mac are available here. And it’d be really cool if you reported all errors you run into to the bugtracker.