Plumiferos animation is finally released

This week in Argentina there was a presentation of the first animation feature film Plumiferos completely created in Blender.

The animation movie has a rather difficult history. The project was stopped when it was 80% ready and then picked by a new team which silently worked on it over a year, changing the story as well.

Claudio Andauer who was part of the first team shared his impressions:

I thought it was going to be worse. Original story after all these comings and goings changed a lot but still the movie is quite entertaining. About the image… 80% or so is acceptable, there is only around a 20% of it that has technical issues which ironically enough, could have been easily fixed. All these technical mistakes. are distracting and “break the illusion” but, also true, might go unnoticed by regular viewers (non-3D-expert). In the end, and in spite of all the glitches, the image and quality of the film is far superior to that of other comparable budget competitors produced with commercial software even and has many chances to become a blockbuster at least here in Argentina.