Bluefish 2.0.0 is out with major new features

Olivier Sessink finally released a major update to Bluefish, his excellent advanced HTML/CSS editor for web developers

Bluefish is quite awesome for all kinds of webdev work, from programming frameworks to creating Wordpress 3.x or Magento 1.7 themes.

Main changes in this version are:

  • autocompletion for HTML, CSS, PHP and other supported languages;
  • folding of code blocks;
  • context-sensitive spellchecking;
  • grouped snippets insertion;
  • charmap plug-in;
  • local/remote directories syncronization;
  • automagic documents recovery;
  • spaces and tabs visualisation;
  • new project management functions.

Olivier recorded a short video to demonstrate most of the features listed above. Check it out:

You can download source code and installers for Windows and Mac. Alternatively get your distibution vendor to update the package for you.