SwatchBooker 0.5 released with support for Scribus and VivaDesigner color swatches

Olivier Berten has released new version of SwatchBooker containing many improvements.

Changes in this new SwatchBooker release are:

  • improved group editing;
  • user interface can now be localized, French translation is available in 0.5, Russian translation was late for release, but is added to SVN already;
  • a command-line conversion utility was added;
  • a recent files list was added to UI;
  • SB can now display extra swatch information like NCS, CBN and Munsell values;
  • file format codecs were modularized and improved, autodetection was added, support for reading Scribus and VivaDesigner color swatches was added;
  • writing binary files on Windows was fixed.

You can download the new version here. Olivier also published documentation on SB's own file format.