RawTherapee 2.4 released, gets basic batch processing

New version of RawTherapee is out with major new features. The application provides basic Raw photo processing workflow.

Changes in this version:

  • Exif/IPTC support
  • Theme switching
  • Improved GUI layout
  • Improved filebrowser
    • Ranking support
    • Basic file operations possible (delete, remove, rename)
    • Filtering based on Exif data
    • Configurable thumbnail caching
    • Live thumbnails (showing the images in the processed state)
    • Resizable thumbnails
    • Configurable thumbnail layout (left - right, top - down)
  • Basic batch processing
    • Controllable workqueue
    • Copy/Paste processing profiles (or only parts of them)
    • Direct sending of images to the workqueue
  • Improved auto-exposure and spot white balance
  • "Send to Editor" feature (Gimp, Photoshop, custom editor)

Strictly speaking RawTherapee isn't libre, but well... :)

Builds for Linux and Windows are available for downloading.