MyPaint 0.7.0 switches to OpenRaster for native file format

MyPaint 0.7.0, a digital painting app, has just been released. The major change is using OpenRaster file format for storing your paintings by default.

OpenRaster is a joint project by GIMP, GEGL, Krita and MyPaint teams to implement a file format for long time archival.

The benefit is that with OpenRaster you can freely exchange multilayered raster data between these applications which makes it possible to build more complex and heterogenous workflows.

The other changes are:

  • color history popup instead of the usual bg/fg switcher;
  • a new ‘Merge layer down’ command;
  • a new layer solo command;
  • saving flattened PNG images with alpha channels;
  • recognizes eraser end of Wacom stylus;
  • new brushes and background patterns;
  • twice faster opening and saving of files;
  • dithering when converting from 16bit to 8bit (only when saving with transparency);
  • bugfixes.

The new version is available for downloading here.