LSP / LV2 LSP Plugins 1.2.2

Vladimir Sadovnikov released a new version of his free/libre LSP PLugins pack, this time featuring a multiband dynamics plugin in four variations: left/right, midside, mono, and stereo. Basically it’s an 8-band compressor (only 4 enabled by default to start small probably).

By default you get this all-band overview:

LSP Multiband Dynamic Processor 1.2.2

You can tweak the frequency ranges directly on the graph by dragging vertical lines around, or you can make fine numeric adjustments below (double-click any number below its respective rotary button to edit). And you can do the usual compression magic to frequency bands selectively.

If you click the dropdown list (that says “Split” by default) in the middle of the window, you can go to detailed view of any band:

Band view

Again, the benefit of LSP plugins is that the UI is highly visual. You can adjust threshold/gain directly on the graph.

Here is a somewhat lengthy video by Vladimir accompanying the release:

Additionally, there’s now pitch control (in cents, of course) in the Trigger and Sampler/MultiSampler series:

LSP MultiSampler 1.2.2

I think you can easily spot a tiny user interface buglet where the pitch control is, there will probably be an update soon :)

LSP plugins are available in LADSPA, LV2, VST2 and as a standalone JACK client for Linux and BSD systems, for a variety of architectures. This is probably the first time I see natively built RISC-V 64-bit software for audio engineers!