Ghostscript 9.07 gets BPC and improved DeviceLink support

Ghostscript team released the latest and greatest new version of the Postscript interpreter with a lot of useful new features in the color management department.

Here are the most interesting changes:

  • All CMYK devices can now support simulated overprint of spot colors using the “-dSimulateOverprint” command line option.
  • Support for use of DeviceN ICC color profiles as the output profile with the tiffsep and psdcmyk devices.
  • Support for customized named color handling with DeviceN colors.
  • Support for black point compensation (the change matches latest release of LittleCMS that implements Adobe’s BPC).
  • Support for K preservation in CMYK to CMYK conversions.
  • Support for DeviceLink profiles for graphic, image and text objects.
  • Support for custom color replacement.
  • Increased control in specifying color conversions as a function of object type. See GS9_Color_Management.pdf for details.
  • Internal copy of LittleCMS updated to 2.4 and re-patched.

On top of that, the Font API (FAPI) has been moved from the Postscript interpreter into the graphics library and extended to support the other languages (PCL/PXL/XPS). All interpreters now also use Freetype by default to render all viable font types.

Additionally, both Ghostscript and GhostPDL are now distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

For complete log of changes please visit the Ghostscript’s website, or go straight to downloads.