Kdenlive 0.8.2 video editor released with major fixes

Along with MLT a new version of Kdenlive, a free non-linear video editor for KDE, was released.

First and foremost this version focuses on bugfixes: nearly 150 minor and major annoyances have been waved goodbye, including ca. 50 crashers.

Kdenlive 0.8.2

To address other possible critical bugs the team implemented a simple automatic backup feature (Project → Open Backup File) that also visualizes the currently loaded project at various saved intermediate states within the current session.

Opening backups in Kdenlive

The other changes include, but are not limited to:

  • dumping all the project data to a tar.gz archive for relocation (Project → Archive Project);
  • all LADSPA audio effects are accessible now instead of a small selection like before;
  • more bitrates are available in the Render dialog among encoding options;

The full list of changes is available here. It’s worth noting that Kdenlive is in the process of moving under KDE umbrella. The documentation was moved to userbase.kde.org this summer, and the project is now going to use Git repository and rely on KDE’s i18n teams for localization too.