Pitivi 0.14.0 brings video effects at last

The Pitivi team finally wrapped up and released new version of this free non-linear video editor for Linux featuring video effects — a successful Google Summer of Code 2010 project by Thibault Saunier.

Instead of inventing a new APi for effects Thibault went for frei0r — a rather popular free API for video effects that is already used by Kdenlive and Openshot. That brings a little over 100 video effects to PiTiVi, and for the most popular ones the application has a preview, so that you can make decisions faster.

The app’s user interface got some love: both project settiings and rendering options dialogs were revamped, progress indicator was added for loading projects, and a search bar was added for media library. You will definitely like preview for both video and sound files, as well as images in the Open File dilalog when you add media to your project.

Last, but not least loading of a timeline is three times as fast now, and you can also start rendering of a video clip from command line, should your fancies take your there.

And let us just remind you that this year PiTiVi has four Google Summer of Code projects: objects compositing via GStreamer, simpler rendering presets management and uploading to YouTube and Vimeo, animated effects and titles, and, finally, a bundle of color adjustment and quality enhancement plug-ins.

The new version is available as source code and Ubuntu PPA builds. General information on installing PiTiVi on various Linux distributions is available at the downloads page.