CADuntu beta4 released

Admittedly we should have reported fourth beta of CADuntu, a forced fork of free computer-aided drafting tool QCad, about a week ago, especially since some of the fixes are rather important.

Arguably the most important fix is using UTF-8 for names of layers and blocks. No matter how many times RibbonSoft was asked over the years to fix that, it just didn’t happen. But somehow Ries van Twisk found time to actually do it in barely two or three weeks after the initial request.

Apart from other fixes (such is non-functional library browser and deletion of layers) another important change is a use of a newer DXF library.

Binary builds are still available for Windows and Mac users only. Linux and UNIX users can fetch source code from SVN:

svn co caduntu

By the way, Ries started a community poll for a new name of the application.

Download Windows/Mac builds