QCAD QCAD Community Edition is back on track

In March this year, we reported that QCAD team was considering abandoning Community Edition of QCAD for good. Instead they released a preliminary update with an official release to follow in the coming weeks.

Just like before, the new community edition matches the basic feature set of the commercial v3.1 release except for a total of 39 features, such as DXF and DWG read/write support from R2.5 through R27, SVG exporting, a bunch of operations on polylines etc. Please refer to the complete list of features.

QCAD Community Edition preview

The license of the source code has been upgraded to GPL v3+. Theoretically the LibreCAD team could try to rebase their code and benefit from various improvements. However the vast amount of internal changes in both applications since forking QCAD into LibreCAD is likely to make such an undertaking rather unrealistic.

The source code is available on Github. For build instructions please read this forum thread. At the moment of publishing this article QCAD Community Edition is officially at a preview stage.