Kdenlive 0.7.8 released with color analysis tools

The Kdenlive team released new version of this cool free non-linear video editor for KDE. The new version relies on most recent releases of MLT, a multimedia framework, and frei0r, a simple API for video effects.

Most important things in this release are:

  • Vectorscope, Waveform, RGB Parade and Histogram scopes — usual tools for analyzing content in professional environment;
  • frei0r based color correction tools: levels, curves, SOP/Sat and more;
  • per-track effects (drag’n’drop an effects on track’s header);
  • improved slideshow feature: contains panning and zooming effect now;
  • MLT based Pan and Balance effects, Swap Channels audio effect;
  • user interface cleanup here and there;
  • alsmost 100 bugs fixed, including crashers.

From now on, we’ll be publishing selected news on free video/audio production software.